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RF-MOST™ is so flexible warehouses can use it in an unlimited number of ways to increase productivity and accuracy while reducing worker stress. RF-MOST™ (Multiple Orders Selected Together) is a patent pending RF Batch Put Display System that your CURRENT RF software uses to add Light-Direction to the pick and put process .

The RF-MOST™ product kit

The RF-MOST™ LED displays have a bar-coded license plate number.

The wireless LED technology utilized by the RF-MOST™ system allows a container to move freely between different areas and still provide light directed batch picking in an RF environment. The RF-MOST™ LED displays have a bar-coded license plate number. The first time an order is inducted into a batch, the license plate and order number are assigned and attached to the container. The RF-MOST™ system is then able to turn on the LED of the container/order currently being picked in that area.
The advantage of using a license plate/LED on a container is that it allows multiple containers with different license plates to make up a single order. The pack station is able to find multiple containers for a single order by turning on all displays associated with that order. Orders are inducted in each zone to create a batch of orders that will be selected with one pass through the shelving in that zone.
The purpose of RF-MOST™ is to provide an RF Terminal picking and receiving solution with light directed batching to increase productivity, accuracy and control. The system is compatible with existing operations and will function in a stand-alone environment. Allied provides a patent pending, highly reliable, best-of-breed system which utilizes current technology and will meet current and future needs in terms of configurability and expandability


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