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Companies that use RF terminals to pick orders find it difficult to pick multiple orders from a small terminal screen. The System gives the operator guidance with a flashing LED indicating the correct put-location, in this example, the put-location is a container holding all the items for a specific order.
When you're sorting items into multiple containers, how much better would it be if the proper container started flashing and making noise to get your attention?
When you receive a container car load of items, they have to be sorted onto different pallets for putaway in the proper zones. Simply attaching a display to each pallet gives the operator a visual indication of the correct pallet
As containers pass from zone to zone, the software makes it easy to find the orders to pick by flashing the LED's.
How long does it take to find all the containers that make up a single order? If you're using the System, all you have to do is input the order number and ALL the containers with that order will start flashing. Still using a paper pick system? You can still use the System in your consolidation area. The System has a feature that allows an operator to associate a container with an order when they drop off the container in the consolidation area. Now, even in a paper system, the consolidator has light-direction as described above.